2003: Going Nowhere Fast
I was young, married and with a child on the way but still no idea what I was going to do to support my family long-term.

Knew their had to be a better way than the 9-5 grind I was stuck in.

Bought actual books from Amazon on share trading, real estate investing & Internet marketing.

Chose Internet marketing because lowest entry barrier & greatest potential but I barely knew how to turn on a computer.

Enrolled in night classes learning how to operate Windows.... I had made my start!

Lesson: If you want something bad enough, go after it, no matter the obstacles
2003-2004: Big Losses
Spent every spare moment day & night on my computer trying to "crack" Internet marketing.

Was also working 7 days a week in 3 regular jobs.

Listened to a "guru" recommend a list building service for growing a business fast. I'd saved every cent I'd earned from my weekend job for 2 years so over period of 4 months I invested all US$30,000 of it.

Turns out it was a scam, they took their website down, closed their offices and disconnected their phones.

Lesson: Most "gurus" are newbies pretending to be experts. Vowed to never teach this stuff myself until I could legitimately call myself an expert (I earned my stripes for over a decade)
2004-2005: Success
Stopped looking for shortcuts & decided to build a real business.

Became an affiliate marketer & SEO expert.

Created my first site and got it ranked #1 on Google for my primary keyword, where it stayed for 5 years!

Had an interview published in Inter-Continental Airlines inflight magazine as the Internet's #1 expert in my niche (home gyms).

Was similarly interviewed by another US lifestyle magazine.

Gym manufacturer with a factory in China saw the magazine article and asked to partner with me.

I was now making $60,000 plus per year just from that one relationship.

I moved to Japan

Lesson: take the time to do it right, no shortcuts
2005-2006: More Success
Built another affiliate site reviewing high ticket gym equipment manufactured by my business partner. Got it also ranked #1 on Google for my primary keyword.

Was now making close to $100,000 a year just from this one relationship.

Moved to Brazil, while I there I flew my family & I to Disney World for a week...times were good!

I had incredibly survived multiple Google updates while other SEO dependent businesses were tumbling all around me.

I knew the writing was on the wall so concluded I had to find a different business model. I chose to become a Clickbank vendor.

Knew nothing about Clickbank or creating and selling my own products so got to work.

Released several info products in different tiny niches. Enjoyed moderate success.

Meanwhile my main business partner was sued for copying the gym design of $100,000,000 company & shut down his operations.

Thankfully my niche info product businesses were making money

Lesson: a good thing can end in an instant, have more than one income stream
2006-2007: Hit The Big Time!
Went to a seminar put on by a guy absolutely dominating his (non-Internet marketing) niche online.

Throughout the seminar he boasted about making so much money without a single backend or even upsell product (almost no one did upsell flows in those days).

I saw an opportunity so after seminar I contacted his office and said I have the perfect product for his customers, would he like to promote it as an affiliate.

His secretary relayed the message then got back to me to say "He'd love to see the product and marketing, send it over"

I had no product, no website and no idea!

So I hired writers and website developers and built an entire business in 3 weeks working 18 hours per day.

Sent everything for review with an apology for the delay due to technical difficulties (lol).

He loved it, agreed to promote and first ever email he sent I made over $1000.

It came the leading product in its category on Clickbank.

Meanwhile I became an Adwords expert and started driving 5000 clicks per day.

I was making A LOT of money and began living the lifestyle

Lesson: don't be afraid to fail big (that seminar guy was Frank Kern)
2007- 2014: Jetsetter Life
Stopped attending most seminars because usually the presenters were making less than me.

Developed other products and continued my success.

In this period I lived:

>> 3-storey beachfront villa in Mexico

>> Beachfront penthouse in Costa Rica (my favorite place in the world, returned to live there another 2 times)

>> 2 storey beachfront penthouse in Spain

>> Ski chalet in Canadian ski resort for an entire ski season (flew to Disney World again for break from skiing)

>> Exclusive condominium complex in Bangkok

>> 64th floor of Philippines tallest & most exclusive residential high rise

>> Across the road from Australia's most famous beach

I've done a lot of crazy, wonderful and amazing things.

Lesson: working hard & refusing to give up in the face of failure eventually pays off

In recent years I've been busy doing free consulting in the businesses of friends and colleagues.

I actually went to a weekend bootcamp to learn a particular skill (not related to business) & by the final session of the 3-day event the bootcamp instructor was using our time together to get advice on his business.

After the event he even called and offered to give me free attendance to his next bootcamp in exchange for more business coaching.

I realized it was time to create my coaching business because I have never turned away anyone asking for business advice but I had so many students it was taking a lot of my time.

So I launched MurrayHughes.com with the vision of helping niche info product marketers with passion and the commitment to see it through, achieve success AND LIVE THEIR DREAM LIFE.

Lesson: When you become successful, it's your responsibility to use your experience & skills to help & guide those walking the same path behind you
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